"Like I always say, an airplane don't fly without any fuel." Back in 1989, a very young Brian Houser was just getting started on his illustrious music career, playing in some of the finest establishments in Denton, Texas and the surrounding areas, places like Rhino's and Cozy Oaks. Trying to get gigs when you're the new kid in town means sometimes playing for yourself and drinking alone as it takes a while to build up a following.

Brian Houser | BEERMAN

Getting tired of this lonely existence, Brian decided to take matters into his own hands. So, every gig, to keep those brave few around who walked actually walked into the bar and sat down, Brian would buy each table a pitcher of beer. One beer led to another and slowly but surely a core group of Beerheads was formed and the BEERMAN legend began.

Word spread quickly and before long, the gigs started filling up and a strange phenomenon begin to take place — the crowd started buying "the BEERMAN" a cold beer to show their appreciation, There were so many beers bought for BEERMAN that the clubs had to start using buckets just to hold these ice cold tokens of affection. Bucket led to another and another and the three bucket night became the norm.

Now, ten years later, the BEERMAN legend continues with a loyal following of both current college students and those past college students who now have to get a babysitter so that they can get their BEERMAN fix. Many of these couples met at a BEERMAN gig, had BEERMAN sing at their weddings and now are introducing their kids to the finer talents of BEERMAN. Some have even created their own fan clubs, such as the infamous "True Blue Crew".

Virgin Beerheads quickly get initiated into the club by participating in the dreaded Beer Contest, hyperventilating to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and getting sentimental to the traditional BEERMAN closing of Don McLean's American Pie -- and always getting a BEERMAN virgin's first beer compliments of BEERMAN. And don't forget the BEERMAN's rules of the game - if you like the music, you can always send up an ice cold Budweiser beer. Come on, join the BEERMAN circle of love.


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