BEERMAN and Valentine’s Day

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to let the BEERHEADS in on a little secret – BEERMAN is actually somewhat of a romantic. Somewhat is kind of a left-handed compliment but, believe me, there is real proof. On the Simple Lives CD, the last song is “Joy’s Valentine”. Brian and I had been dating about 4 months when Valentine’s Day rolled around. I really didn’t expect a romantic present for Valentine’s (after all I did receive a push broom on our first Christmas together) but when Brian brought out his guitar at dinner, I thought he was just going to play around with some gig songs. As he started playing, I realized that this song was new and very personal…and it was for me. He never meant to record it. It was just meant to be between the two us. He only recorded it for Simple Lives so that I could have a copy to listen to whenever I wanted. And for me, it sealed the deal. I knew that I would be spending the rest of my life hanging out in bars on the weekends with BEERMAN and all of his friends – and, of course, driving him home. That first Valentine’s Day together was 13 years ago. He’s still a romantic. This year, I received running boards for my Jeep Wrangler. Happy Valentine’s Day!
And don’t forget to come out to BEERMAN’s annual Valentine’s Day gig on Feb. 15 at Love and War in Grapevine. We will have the highly-coveted beer bottle vases and flowers to make-up for forgetfulness on Valentine’s Day!