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Brian Houser at The Granada Theater

If you’re looking for Texas country music that stays true to its roots and celebrates the workingman, then welcome to the world of Brian Houser, aka BEERMAN. Here you will find upcoming shows, music previews and the latest BEERMAN merchandise. Enjoy.

Wed, Jan 6

So, 2020 ended on a not so good note and 2021 has started with a few challenges. With great concern for the health of everyone - but especially our family, friends, and fans - we have cancelled the Horny Toad Cafe gig in January. We will see how the weather is in February and make a decision right before that time. Outdoor gigs seem the best option right now.
GOOD NEWS - both Horny Toad and Shady Oak gigs will start back up in March 2021 - bigger, better, and with beer. Until then, look for Facebook Live gigs to get posted so that the fingers stay in good guitar picking shape and BEERMAN stays in beer drinking shape.

Sat, May 23

It's that time again. It happens every four years. BEERMAN runs for President of the United States. The platform is simple - Beer for the Masses. What better time to kick off the BEEERMAN 2020 campaign than Memorial Day. So join BEERMAN as he officially launches his 2020 presidential campaign on Facebook Live on May 23, 2020. Of course, this campaign is a blatant attempt to sell BEERMAN 2020 merchandise which includes t-shirts, koozies and bumper stickers. So, join the campaign and email if you are interested in supporting BEERMAN's run for the Beer Office, I mean Oval Office, by purchasing BEERMAN 2020 merchandise. Sorry, we can't take orders on the website right now but a...

Fri, Jul 20

A very big thank you to all the people who sent Brian get well wishes the past two days. In typical form, Brian got up, despite the abdominal pain he was having, and went to do inspections at Six Flags at 4:30 am on Thursday. He knew something was wrong so he came home after inspections were completed and we went to the emergency room around 9:00 am. It was quickly determined that he needed his appendix removed as quickly as possible and he was in surgery by 12:30 pm (8 hours after arriving at work at Six Flags). 
Fortunately, the appendix was removed before it burst and he is on the mend. We express our gratitude to the amazing staff at Presbyterian Hospital in Denton with a special shout out to Becky and Dr. Nguyen in the...

Tue, Jan 6

It’s that time of year – when we all reflect back over the previous year and make New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming year. Let me first focus on the reflections. My 25th year as BEERMAN was full of beer love as expressed in the many ice-cold bottles of beer from you, the loyal BEERHEADs. A very big thank you for a sold-out Reunion Show at Dan’s, a great outdoor season at Shady Oak, some crazy gigs at both Love and War locations (special thanks to Vanessa, Lance and Claudio), and outstanding local Denton support at Jazzfest, Twilight Tunes,  Noon on the Square and the North Texas State Fair. And along the way, we made new friends at Tierney’s, The Frisco Bar and LSA plus the abundance of private party bookings. Thank you everyone...

Tue, May 27

Wow, how time flies when you're drinking beer. Thank you to all of my loyal BEERHEADS for coming out to the gigs during the past 25 years. There have been so many memories, bars and events that we have shared over the years that I can't list them all but here are a few of my favorites -- Rhino's, Cozy Oaks, Sunset Grill, Billy's Brewery, opening for Willie Nelson in Hillsboro, my first CD Never Look Back, recording two other CDs with Lloyd Maines, five BEERMAN Pub Crawls (Dan's, Hooligan's, Andy's, The Labb and Abbey Underground), Love and War in Texas (Plano and Grapevine), Denton Arts and Jazzfest, the North Texas State Fair, Shady Oak BBQ, and the Denton and North Shore firefighters.
Join me on May 31 at 8 p.m. at Dan'...

Wed, Apr 3

Many of you know my guitar slinging/beer drinking side but you might not know that I have another side...I'm a man of culture and refinement. OK, I know you don't believe me. But what is true is that one of my one-of-a-kind rocking chairs made from recycled wood is being featured in the Third Annual 3ARTHWURX Art Exhibition. This is a reuse art show to celebrate Earth Day and is hosted in partnership between UNT and SCRAP. The show will run at SCRAP’s Re:Vision Gallery from April 3rd, 2013 through April 27, 2013. You are all invited to attend the exhibition any time before April 27. SCRAP is located at 215 W. Oak St. in Denton. Maybe you'll see me in a whole new light!

Wed, Feb 13

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to let the BEERHEADS in on a little secret – BEERMAN is actually somewhat of a romantic. Somewhat is kind of a left-handed compliment but, believe me, there is real proof. On the Simple Lives CD, the last song is “Joy’s Valentine”. Brian and I had been dating about 4 months when Valentine’s Day rolled around. I really didn’t expect a romantic present for Valentine’s (after all I did receive a push broom on our first Christmas together) but when Brian brought out his guitar at dinner, I thought he was just going to play around with some gig songs. As he started playing, I realized that this song was new and very personal…and it was for me. He never meant to record it. It was...

Wed, Oct 31

Santa Fe is full of ghosts, maybe spirits would be a better word. The town has always been a bohemian mixture of people, cultures and beliefs and it marks the historic end of the Santa Fe Trail. Years ago  I got the idea for my song, Santa Fe Trail, while visiting the Puye cliff dwellings on Indian land west of town. A light summer shower forced me to take shelter in a small Anasazi dwelling where people had lived hundreds of years ago. There, sitting  in that ancient place,  you could almost feel the spirits surrounding  you while the Sangre de Cristo mountains were framed outside the old stone doorway.  The cool rain touched the sage and the smell was incredible. This past week Joy and I made our yearly pilgrimage back to the old city...

Wed, Oct 17

We wanted to let everyone know that there will not be a CRAWL VI in 2012. This was an extremely difficult decision for us. The CRAWL was our way of honoring the real-life firefighter heroes that we so admire and honoring the memory of Michael Joseph “Billy Ray” Valentine. Between several large obstacles coming up that would have required changing the date and/or CRAWL formula and an issue with nonpayment on some of the large auction items during last year’s CRAWL, we chose to pause the CRAWL rather than hold a less than stellar event. We will reconsider for next year if there is enough support to start it up again. In the meantime, we are researching brand-new ways to raise money for the Denton Firefighters Memorial Fund in a fun,...


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